Schedule a Ductwork Cleaning to Prevent the Negative

As the warmer days fade into oblivion and the cold realities of fall and winter loom, you know that day will come when it is time to crank the furnaces up to keep your home warm. If you need ductwork cleaning in your Minneapolis home, call on the professionals at Metro Cleaning Services! They do it all, after all!

There are a great many benefits to getting an air duct cleaning in preparation for winter. You will find some of those reasons below.

  • Energy costs: An air duct system that has accumulated a lot of debris and dust sets your furnace up to have to work much harder than it otherwise should, adding up to additional heating expense and energy costs. A bogged down furnace adds strain to the entire functionality of the furnace, which can lead to the necessary replacement of any number of parts within it. Regular cleaning of the air ducts will make easier the functioning of the furnace and reduce your overall energy bill.
  • Fire prevention: Houses and businesses are often contain dryers which are houses for the lint that comes off of your clothing—an incredibly flammable bi-product. A substantial amount of lint can settle into your dryer vent ducts and vents, creating a dangerous fire hazard. This lint can overheat your dryer element and ignite a fire that moves very quickly.
  • Indoor air quality: Insulation often gets in the way of fresh air within your home or business. When air circulates the same dirty air over and over again in an endless succession, accumulated debris and dust cycle back through the air duct system.  Germs and bacteria as well as the dust and debris will contribute to illness and irritate existing allergies.  A good cleaning and sanitizing of your air duct system can get all of that harmful stuff out of your duct system and make room to circulate fresh air.

Dirty ducts are the culprit behind a lot of the negative that happens silently within your home or business. Ducts and dryers are frequently overlooked as problems that contribute to poor air, rising energy bills and potential fire hazard. A good ductwork cleaning company will clean those ducts that are associated with HVAC services, as well as the ductwork on your dryer, even those heading out of the home.

Summer has turned into fall and soon fall will give way to winter. Consider having a ductwork cleaning scheduled before the cold hits. Failing to do so may help guarantee higher energy bills than is the norm, as well as increased sickness in your family or in your office.

Are you craving more information on the subtleties of ductwork cleaning for your Minneapolis or Twin Cities area home? If so, call Metro Cleaning Service at 651-317-3286, or you can contact us to schedule your free estimate!

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