Pressure Wash That Dirty Building with a Commercial Cleaning Service

After a long stretch of cold and better the exterior of your business is no doubt in need of a little cleaning. Dirt, leaves, bird poop, you name it—it is likely all over your windows, siding, doors, railing, paved areas, bird feeders, gutters—everywhere!

When your exterior is clean and presentable, it is far more pleasant to look upon to customers and employees alike. Your clean and shiny building will make a huge difference between profitable and loss. When someone enters your business while it is looking good, even great, customers will buy more and employees will be smiling all day long (every day). Maybe now is the time to consider bringing in a commercial cleaning service to your Bloomington area business to—at a minimum, pressure wash your building’s exterior.

Short of a circus tent, very little can be done as a preventative measure against dirt building up on your exterior. The outside of your building is what ends up bearing the brunt of the elements, after all. Exterior pressure washing being one of our many specialties, we at Metro Cleaning Service hope you will call on us to get this work done.

Your exterior is a wealth of unknown hazards, left unchecked. Just ponder the the potential mold and mildew build-up that has occurred since your last (or maybe never) commercial cleaning service-based pressure wash. You may event want to consider doing it several times a year, especially when weather allows it—even giving it the ultimate blast just prior to autumn’s change from to cool to cold.

Chemicals are not inherently necessary during the pressure wash process. The force of the water emitted from our jets and thus hoses will remove surface dirt. Therefore, you need not worry about harsh soapy chemicals washing away into nearby vegetation or sewers.

A commercial cleaning service that specializes in pressure washing as we do can be arranged to occur when your business is closed, or, when there is low traffic. If you have the water then we have the jets and hoses!

Would you like to know even more about pressure washing? Want a free estimate to see what our commercial cleaning service in the Bloomington area can do for you? Contact us or call Metro Cleaning Service at 651-484-9799.

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