It’s that Time of Year: The Importance of Cleaning Your Furnace

metro cleaning service commercial cleaning services minneapolisWith winter right around the corner, you want to be sure that your business’ heating system is running properly. You don’t want to have to close your business because you don’t have any heat! Our commercial cleaning services near Minneapolis can come to your business and make sure your furnace is running properly. One of the best ways to keep it up and running is by making sure it is clean and ready to go.

A clean furnace is more likely to work properly and less likely to break down at the most inopportune time. Our commercial cleaning services will begin by cleaning the air-handling unit and the motor. We will then check the furnace’s filter to make sure it is clean. If it’s not, we can replace it for you and we will show you how to do this yourself. That way, when it needs to be changed, you can handle it yourself instead of calling an outside service. The frequency with which you have to change the filter will depend on the specific type of furnace you have. We suggest looking at the manufacturer’s recommendation to see how often the filter should be changed.

Along with our furnace cleaning services, you will also get our duct cleaning services as a packaged deal. Your business’ ducts should be cleaned on a regular basis, and our commercial cleaning services can tackle this task for you too. You might see an improvement in the way your furnace runs as well as the indoor air quality.

Finally, take a look at the area around your furnace. Remove any flammable items. Then take the time to test your heating system. If need be, wait until your business is closed to customers and then turn on the heating system. Make sure warm air is blowing out from the vents, and make sure your thermostat is working as it should too. If you notice no air is blowing out of the vents, make sure they are completely open to allow the air to pass through. If that doesn’t work, you should call in an HVAC repair service to check on things and to see what repairs are needed.

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