Industrial Strength Cleaning for Your Restaurant!

Running your own restaurant provides an endless array of daunting challenges to be on top of. Heading that list is cleanliness, maintaining a great presentation and staying up to code.

On top of all of the above, you have got to make absolutely sure the food quality you provide your customers not only tastes great, but is also safe to consume. Cutting corners in the food department can lead to toxic food and a public relations disaster that could shut you down.

While general cleaning of your restaurant takes place off and on throughout your busy day, more needs to be done after hours to ensure your kitchen is kept spotless and hygienic. Metro Cleaning Services provides varying levels of industrial cleaning to Bloomington area restaurants, be they ducts, hoods or grills.

Your kitchen needs additional attention. After having slogged through a 12-hour day, do you real want to then have to handle the heavier end of the cleaning spectrum? An industrial cleaning service can take care of these needs for you—you need to rest after all.

Think about these often overlooked spots in and around your restaurant. Are they adequately addressed?

  1. Equipment (behind and below): Do not miss the years of potential spill and splatter in the rear of or behind food preparation areas or equipment. Much like in the dumpster area, our friends bacteria, flies and rodentia can fester here. This is especially the case when we are talking aged pieces of food instead of just liquid remnants.
  2. Ice Machine: Ice, being a consumable, should be treated as though it is food. Your ice machine(s) can fall prey to any and all plagues brought on by water (or water’s aftermath). Regular, scheduled cleanings are a must.
  3. Refrigeration coils: Keeping the coils clean will help the unit function more efficiently. This will also prevent potential temperature fluctuations that ultimately can spoil food.

Difficult to task into your regular routine, the assistance provided by an industrial cleaning company like Metro Cleaning Services can offset the costs of having existing staff (or yourself) take care of heavier cleaning tasks.

Metro Cleaning Services provides industrial cleaning in the Bloomington area. Contact us or give us a call. We would be happy to provide you with a Free Estimate on any of our service types.

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