Decreasing Dryer Vent Build-Up

One of the best ways to keep your dryer vents clean is to take measures to decrease the amount of lint and other debris that builds up in there. And while we can help with dryer vent cleaning in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, we still believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So here are a few tips on how to decrease dryer vent build-up.

If you use dryer sheets, be sure to limit how many you use per load. The same goes for liquid fabric softener in your washer. Dryer sheets can add residue to your dryer’s lint filter. And fabric softener has oils and chemicals in them that can cause fabrics to become even more flammable than they already are.

Dryers should only be used for 30 to 40 minutes at a time. That means if your laundry does not dry within those 30 or 40 minutes, you should call us for dryer vent cleaning. Longer than usual drying times are usually a good indication that your dryer vents need a little TLC. If you run your dryer for only 30 to 40 minutes at a time, air can better circulate through the machine and the end result will be less lint build-up.

Heavier fabrics like bedding and pillows should be air dried if possible. Thicker and larger materials like these are an excellent source of lint, so keeping them out of your dryer means you will not have to worry about a build-up of lint and other debris after these items are done drying.

When the dryer is done drying a load of laundry, be sure to clean out the dryer’s lint trap after the next load. And be sure to do this every time you use your dryer. If you want to clean them even further, use a shop vac if you have one.

Your dryer vents should always vent outside, not into an attic or crawlspace. And those outside ventilation openings should always have a cap on them to keep out nesting animals like birds and squirrels. But the cap should not impede lint and other debris from blowing out.

Finally, make sure you call us at least once a year for professional dryer vent cleaning.

If you would like more information on dryer vent cleaning in Minneapolis, call Metro Cleaning Service at 651-484-9799 or contact us and get a Free Estimate.

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