The Importance of Cleanliness for Your Eagan Restaurant or Business

Beginning to look into commercial cleaning services for your Eagan restaurant or practice? Cleanliness is one of, if not the most important aspect of running a business. Negative online reviews can affect your reputation, sometimes, irreparably. A new Harris Poll found that consumers take online reviews very seriously, particularly when it comes to reviews about cleanliness. It found that among 2,023 adults, 85% of them would no longer be a patron of a business after reading negative online reviews about its cleanliness. With so many review sites nowadays there are so many opportunities for a bad review to create a negative impact.

commercial cleaning services

The top five types of businesses affected by negative online cleanliness reviews include: Restaurants (75%), Hotels (70%), Doctor’s Office (68%), Hospital (67%) and Hair/Nail Salon (56%).

Commercial cleaning services can help you combat this possibility. While general cleaning of your restaurant or business takes place throughout your busy day, more needs to be done after hours in order to ensure your entire facility is both hygienic and spotless. Metro Cleaning Services provides varying levels of commercial cleaning services, be they ducts, surfaces, hoods, grills and more. Cutting corners in the food, hospitality and health departments can lead to safety hazards for your patrons, negative reviews or even a public relations disaster. Don’t let a bad day ruin the validity of your business! Our commercial cleaning services are here to help you keep your business hygienically sound and stunningly spotless.

Assistance from Metro Cleaning Service can help offset the costs of having existing staff (or yourself) take care of heavier types of cleaning tasks. After a long day, do you really want to worry about whether you or your employees got everything cleaned to standards? An industrial cleaning service can take care of these needs for you, and at Metro Cleaning Service, we know the very best ways to tackle all types of cleaning jobs, from the tools we use to the equipment we buy. You need commercial cleaning services experts you can trust, and we are dedicated to getting the job done right, every single cleaning. Here are some of the great commercial cleaning services we provide:

  • Restaurant duct cleaning
  • Hood cleaning
  • Kitchen grease exhaust systems
  • Pressure washing
  • Floor cleaning
  • Ice dam removal
  • Ice machine cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • And more!

Ready to learn more about commercial cleaning services in Eagan and surrounding areas? Call Metro Cleaning Service today at 651-484-9799. We are happy to provide you with a Free Estimate on any of our services.

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