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Air Duct Issues We’ll Look Out for On Your Next Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time of year to give a little extra TLC to the areas of your business that are usually neglected during your regular cleaning. Even if you have never used a commercial cleaning service, spring is a great time of year to consider hiring one. Why? For one, we can reach the areas of your business you may not usually consider as part of your cleaning routine; and that includes air duct cleaning. Your air ducts are all around you. When they are working as they should, cool or warm air flows through your home or business keeping temperatures ideal and air circulated. However, many things can get in the way of this smooth flow and even contribute to higher monthly power bills. This spring, consider air duct cleaning for your Minneapolis home or business. At Metro Cleaning Service, we are well-versed in all things air duct cleaning and have put together a list of most common issues that can arise with air ducts:

Leaky Ducts

Did you know that 20-40% of the air flowing through your ducts could be lost due to leaking? When you give Metro Cleaning Service a call we can assess your air ducts while performing an air duct cleaning and let you know if having your ducts sealed professionally is worth consideration. Eliminating leaks can ensure lower energy bills and even increase the overall air quality in your home.

Dirt Build-Up

Neglected, dirty air ducts essentially ensure poor in-house air quality. Did you know that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approximates that the air quality inside a home can be up to 100 times worse than the air outside? With a dirty system, dust pollutants and germs end up being continuously circulated throughout your home whenever it’s running. Having an air duct cleaning can help improve the air around you by removing these pollutants.

Improper Duct Installation

In the case of loose or improperly sealed grills and registers, air can be lost long before it even reaches intended rooms. And, did you know that the typical American home operates at 57% airflow efficiency due to a poorly designed air duct system? A good air duct cleaning can help identify these issues and get you on the road to increased efficiency.

Metro Cleaning Services provides many excellent spring cleaning services including air duct cleaning for both residential and commercial properties alike. Ready to learn more about air duct cleaning in Minneapolis? Give us a call at 651-484-9799 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

An Often Forgotten Chore: Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Have you ever had the exhaust fan in your business’ bathroom looked at? The likely answer is ‘no.’ It may not even be something you’ve ever considered. If you own a commercial property, your bathroom is probably a room frequently seen and used by your employees and possibly your customers as well. One of the most overlooked chores for a commercial business is bathroom exhaust fan cleaning. Many people don’t even think about cleaning it or even looking at it until it stops working. As experts in commercial cleaning, we’ve taken note of how important it can be to make sure the bathroom exhaust fan is cleaned on a regular basis.

bathroom exhaust fan cleaning

Why should you consider bathroom exhaust fan cleaning for your Twin Cities business? Here are a few key reasons from the experts at Metro Cleaning Service:

Cleanliness. Bathroom exhaust fan cleaning can offer a more aesthetically pleasing bathroom experience and in turn, a more positive impression of your business overall. When all the dirt and dust bunnies are removed from your bathroom exhaust fan, your business’ bathroom will look more attractive to not only customers but employees and other visitors as well.

Indoor air quality. You may notice an improvement in your business’ indoor air quality if your bathroom exhaust fan is working properly. Bathrooms can be smelly places sometimes. A bathroom exhaust fan that is in good condition can eliminate the smells that are often associated with bathrooms.

Money savings. Bathroom exhaust fan cleaning can increase the life span of your bathroom fan and save you money in the long run.

Decrease in moisture. Bathroom exhaust fans pull moisture out of the air. Why is this important? Moisture can easily build up in your bathroom and cause mold and mildew. Not only can this create a breathing hazard, but it doesn’t look very good to customers if they see black mold on your bathroom’s walls, floor or ceiling. Moisture can also effect the paint, trim and cabinetry creating additional costs. Bathroom exhaust fan cleaning can help eliminate this risk.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider contacting Metro Cleaning Service about bathroom exhaust fan cleaning. We can come to your business or commercial property and make sure all of your bathroom exhaust fans are cleaned and working as they should.

If you are interested in learning more about bathroom exhaust fan cleaning in the Twin Cities or any of the surrounding areas, call Metro Cleaning Service at 651-484-9799, or you can feel free to contact us and get a Free Estimate.

The Importance of Cleanliness for Your Eagan Restaurant or Business

Beginning to look into commercial cleaning services for your Eagan restaurant or practice? Cleanliness is one of, if not the most important aspect of running a business. Negative online reviews can affect your reputation, sometimes, irreparably. A new Harris Poll found that consumers take online reviews very seriously, particularly when it comes to reviews about cleanliness. It found that among 2,023 adults, 85% of them would no longer be a patron of a business after reading negative online reviews about its cleanliness. With so many review sites nowadays there are so many opportunities for a bad review to create a negative impact.

commercial cleaning services

The top five types of businesses affected by negative online cleanliness reviews include: Restaurants (75%), Hotels (70%), Doctor’s Office (68%), Hospital (67%) and Hair/Nail Salon (56%).

Commercial cleaning services can help you combat this possibility. While general cleaning of your restaurant or business takes place throughout your busy day, more needs to be done after hours in order to ensure your entire facility is both hygienic and spotless. Metro Cleaning Services provides varying levels of commercial cleaning services, be they ducts, surfaces, hoods, grills and more. Cutting corners in the food, hospitality and health departments can lead to safety hazards for your patrons, negative reviews or even a public relations disaster. Don’t let a bad day ruin the validity of your business! Our commercial cleaning services are here to help you keep your business hygienically sound and stunningly spotless.

Assistance from Metro Cleaning Service can help offset the costs of having existing staff (or yourself) take care of heavier types of cleaning tasks. After a long day, do you really want to worry about whether you or your employees got everything cleaned to standards? An industrial cleaning service can take care of these needs for you, and at Metro Cleaning Service, we know the very best ways to tackle all types of cleaning jobs, from the tools we use to the equipment we buy. You need commercial cleaning services experts you can trust, and we are dedicated to getting the job done right, every single cleaning. Here are some of the great commercial cleaning services we provide:

  • Restaurant duct cleaning
  • Hood cleaning
  • Kitchen grease exhaust systems
  • Pressure washing
  • Floor cleaning
  • Ice dam removal
  • Ice machine cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • And more!

Ready to learn more about commercial cleaning services in Eagan and surrounding areas? Call Metro Cleaning Service today at 651-484-9799. We are happy to provide you with a Free Estimate on any of our services.

Safety & Savings: The Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that dryer vent fires are one of the most common causes of house fires in the United States? Lint traps only capture a fraction of the total lint created by your dryer, leaving the rest to accumulate in your dryer vent. This is why periodic dryer vent cleaning and maintenance is essential. And, in addition to safety, there are many other benefits associated with having your dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis. Dryer vent cleaning is a chore that can often go overlooked, however, dryer vent cleaning is important for homes, laundromats and multi housing buildings of all sizes. Fortunately, Metro Cleaning Service provides excellent dryer vent cleaning in St Paul and the surrounding areas. Allow us to help with this important and messy task! Here are a few of the reasons you should have dryer vent cleaning performed on a regular basis:

Dryer vents can get easily clogged with lint. After awhile, the dryer lint can become a big fire hazard. One spark from a dryer and the lint can ignite. And, these fires can spread quite easily, so having the lint removed on a regular basis with a dryer vent cleaning can help keep this from happening. Dryer vent cleaning is another way to take steps to help ensure a safer home or business.

Without proper dryer vent cleaning, clothes will take longer to dry completely. When your dryer vent is filled with lint, it is unable to circulate properly as the air is unable to escape as efficiently, keeping your clothes from drying in a timely manner. It can even make your dryer feel hot to the touch and your laundry may come out of the dryer hot, humid and musty. Having a dryer vent cleaning can eliminate the musty odor that can sometimes cling to clothes after they have been in the dryer. Overall, a professional dryer vent cleaning can result in clothes that smell fresher and dry faster.

dryer vent cleaning

Help extend the life of the dryer in your home or the dryers in your laundromat or multi housing property. When lint builds up in the dryer vents, it causes the dryer to work even harder to dry your clothes, sometimes even causing a slight burning smell. All this work can really take a toll on not only your electric or gas bill, but your machine, shortening its lifespan. And, dryers can be expensive! So, extend the life of our dryer and help control your utility bills by having your dryer vents and ducts looked at and cleaned on a regular basis.

Take the time to open your home or business’ dryer vents and take a look. If they are filled with lint, it may be time to call the professionals.

For more information about dryer vent cleaning in St Paul and surrounding areas, give Metro Cleaning Service a call at 651-484-9799, or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

The Importance of a Heating System Industrial Cleaning

With winter here, you want to make absolutely sure that the heating system on your commercial property is fully functional. Don’t shut the doors on your business just because your heat may be lacking or not emerging at all. One of our service teams in industrial cleaning near Eden Prairie will gladly come out to your business and make sure your furnace is not gunked up with dirt and debris that is preventing it from running properly. One of the best ways to keep it up and running is by making sure it is clean and ready to go.

A clean furnace will work better overall than will a dirty one, or one containing a soiled filter.  An industrial cleaning of your heating system—especially if established on an annual basis—will have it more likely to work as it should than will simply using it a last time early in the year and just turning it on in the latter portion of the year after being dormant.

Our industrial cleaning will begin by cleaning the air-handling unit and the motor itself. We will eye up the furnace’s filter to make sure it is clean. If the filter is in a bad way, we can replace it for you.  We will also show you how to do this yourself so that it can become something you can check on and carry out in the future. The frequency with which you have to change the filter will depend on the specific type of furnace you have as well as the environment it operates in. Another thing for you to look into is the manufacturer’s recommendation to see how often the filter should be changed.

Along with our furnace cleaning services, you will also get the added benefit of our duct cleaning services as part of that package. Your commercial properties’ ducts should be cleaned on a regular schedule, which we will be only too happy to take care of for you. The end result of duct cleaning is that you will likely see an improvement in the way that your furnace runs, as well as overall improvements in indoor air quality. Finally, take a look at the area around your furnace. Remove any flammable items or debris nearby. A clean furnace is a furnace that works well.

Our industrial cleaning services do not stop there. Your commercial property requires regular cleaning of any myriad types. Whether you need dusting, vacuuming and/or bathroom cleaning done, our industrial cleaning services can be catered to your needs.

Do you want more information on our industrial cleaning near Eden Prairie? Call Metro Cleaning Service at 651-484-9799, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.