Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cleaning Removes Accumulated Debris

Oh the things that can be found on your bathroom fan. Yuck. The requisite dust and standard lint-like debris that accumulates on any fan that goes without a cleaning for sometime will be found there. So too will be other particles that we really do not wish to think upon but do exist. If you are of the thinking that maybe, just maybe, bathroom exhaust fan cleaning has not been carried out at your Minneapolis or Twin Cities area business, now may be your time. The fearless cleaning professionals at Metro Cleaning Services will only be too pleased to carry this work out for you, should you wish to not do these tasks yourself.

All apologies, but, it is time to delve into just what it is that can and will be found lingering on your bathroom exhaust fans. The term “fecal aerosol” was born in 1975 as a result of a study carried out by Professor Charles Gerba, then of the University of Arizona. His study, which involved placing gauze pads at multiple locations within public restrooms, including on bathroom exhaust fans, has become legendary amongst proponents that the unseen can indeed be wreaking having on our health at any and all moments.

Toilet flushing propels microscopic bits of that which ends up in the bowl throughout the air within a bathroom, especially in a toilet that offers an industrial strength flush. Professor Gerba’s gauze pads caught a substantial amount of viral and bacterial debris launched from the toilet or toilets within each and every restroom he conducted these tests in. Guess where the largest portions of particulate were found? Correct, on the bathroom exhaust fans, which work as something of an air vacuum within a restroom. With lint and general debris that accumulate on and around the fan blades themselves acting as a sponge to absorb these particulates, the gauze placed on them accumulated—by far—the most in the way of fecal aerosol. Public restrooms, generally cleaned on a regular schedule daily, tend to not involve the bathroom exhaust fans. That’s where we come in.

Willing to take on any challenge in the industrial cleaning game, Metro Cleaning Services is your choice to remove the viral and bacterial particulates that have accumulated and will continue to accumulate on your bathroom exhaust fans. So, how long has it been since you have had your bathroom exhaust fans cleaned? If you struggle to find the answer within the cobwebs and fog of your mind, how many bits of particulate poopy residue can be found on a fan that may not have been cleaned in decades?

Would you like to have your bathroom exhaust fan cleaning in your Minneapolis or Twin Cities’ restroom? Call Metro Cleaning Services at 651-317-3286, or you can contact us to schedule your free estimate!

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