Avoid the Burn With Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Metro Cleaning Services specializes in commercial kitchen cleaning in the St Louis Park area. A question that burns on the minds of local residents has always been in regards to just how it is that restaurant kitchens stay as clean as they do. The answer is often thanks in large part to the commercial kitchen cleaning services that we provide them. Keep things spotless behind the scenes by considering a commercial kitchen cleaning company.

During any individual (or double) shift, make sure that you clean as you go as much as possible. After cooking any meat items-beef, chicken, fish or pork—give that grill a good scrubbing. Food preparation areas utilized to prepare the meat for grilling should be aggressively wiped down. If cutting boards were utilized during the process, put some elbow grease into those too! Multiply this task by the number of other jobs that exist in keeping your restaurant kitchen clean. Think about the level of preparation and cleaning that will be needed prior to an annual health inspection. Do you really want to handle all of that work yourself? Think about bringing in a commercial kitchen cleaning company to handle all of this for you! How much time and stress would having someone else handle these duties save?

A commercial kitchen cleaning service such as Metro Cleaning Services can visit as little as a few times a year to on a regular, frequent schedule—whatever you need. Our restaurant cleaning staff makes sure that your restaurant kitchen gets a thorough, complete and all-encompassing cleaning every single time we are out. We seek out those difficult to get to areas of the kitchen that others may miss or avoid.

Think about your grease traps, as an example. These should be unloaded and swabbed on a regular basis, ensuring that the traps do not start to smell or pose avoidable and/or unnecessary health risks. Once we move past grease traps, now it’s time for the cleaning of the kitchen grease exhaust systems or the ductwork needs a cleaning, or the air systems, or…well, you get the idea. The list is never-ending when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean and code-worthy. A company like Metro Cleaning services has all of the equipment and knowledge to make sure every single area is covered.

A commercial kitchen cleaning service can put you completely at ease over general cleanliness or as preparation for an inspection. You will have the comfort of knowing that your kitchen is where it needs to be for patrons and employees alike. It is safe from food-borne illness infestation as well as food poisoning risk. Metro Cleaning Services offers free estimates on our commercial kitchen cleaning services so you will know exactly how much to budget for when you have this service done.

Do you want more information on commercial kitchen cleaning in St Louis Park and surrounding areas? Call Metro Cleaning Service at 651-317-3286, or you can contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

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